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  • Ryan Dawidjan

    Ryan Dawidjan

    building NYC products and teams. // 🗣 w/ modern friends. big heuristic guy.

  • Seyed Amin Sajadi Alamdari

    Seyed Amin Sajadi Alamdari

  • Laurie Concepcion

    Laurie Concepcion

    Just a blogger :) I work in NYC by day and blog by night of everything career, inspirational and relationship related. INFJ

  • Research Features

    Research Features

    Making Complex Science Beautifully Accessible

  • Jim Stogdill

    Jim Stogdill

    Irrepressible over sharer. Free time usually involves silver halides. I’ll edit this profile at some point.

  • Athletigen, Inc

    Athletigen, Inc

    You are Made for More.

  • Clarke Nobiletti

    Clarke Nobiletti

    Always looking for the next best thing in startups, investing, travel & food.

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